Happy (VeggieTales) St. Patrick’s Day! 2

The best St. Patrick video ever.


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2 thoughts on “Happy (VeggieTales) St. Patrick’s Day!

  • Jim Macafee

    Such a great example of how religious bigotry is taught to many mainstream christians without a second thought. The lines about Pagans worshiping twigs and pondscum were both ignorant and offensive. My wife and I are raising our kids to be tolerant and respectful to ALL religions including Paganism, which our family holds in high regard if not outright practices. We have also allowed our daughter to go with my mother to Sunday school so as to have a clear view of many different views, so as to make her own choices with a level head when she is older. We allowed her to watch episodes of veggietales on netflix, but after seeing that, we were deeply shocked and offended. Christianity has made many wonderful contributions to society, but has a very ugly side as well, and this illustrates it clearly. Ironic that they should make fun of views that dont coincide with their own while they aternately love to yammer on about how persecuted Christians were. We love our kids too much to raise them to be bigots or to let others do their thinking for them. This is utter garbage, and if the producers had scruples they would back off pumping that sort of offensive crap into our children’s heads.