Going to the beach!

Got the Vespa on the carrier and ready to go. (And sadly, it will likely stay there. It was won, after all, by the family and the deal was it will stay at the grandparents beach house.) Have a great 4th of July everyone! I will likely blog during the week, but you never now. I have been informed that computers are confined to the bedrooms…  

Academics at its highest

This is a gem from The Chronicle of Higher Ed’s “First Person” series of anonymous essays. “Pothead Ph.D.” is from a PhD candidate who is espousing the use of marijuana. A bit of philosophy is thrown in to make this all seem legitimate. Of course I’m not arguing that one should smoke out every day. In The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Aunt Polly commands Tom to whitewash a fence. Pretending to enjoy it, Tom is […]

Biblical Studies Carnival XXX and XXXI are up!

Although delayed for very good reasons Tyler has posted the BSC for May, just in time for XXXI to come rolling along. Thanks Tyler! UPDATE: Biblical Studies Carnival XXXI is up! James R. Getz of Ketuvim is hosting the Carnival for July 2008. John Hobbins of Ancient Hebrew Poetry will be hosting the Biblical Studies Carnival XXXII so be sure to send in your suggestions. Submitting Entries Individuals may nominate multiple suggestions or may nominate […]

Mitch Benn’s take on GAFCON and the ABC

I am a fan of BBC Radio 4’s The Now Show (as in "News Of the Week") and a regular member of the cast is Mitch Benn who writes and sings satirical verse. This week he praised the ABC. Give it a listen. http://targuman.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/podcasts/mitchbenn_rowanwilliams.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (1.7MB)  

Children’s Stories – The Chronicles of Prydain

As I mentioned a week or so ago, John Hobbins has organized a group of us to comment on children’s books that were influential on or immensely enjoyed by us. It is hard for me to decide. It might surprise some that although I knew the Chronicles of Narnia quite well I don’t remember reading them as a child. I recently read them to my daughter but I cannot capture what they were like for […]

SAT-ACT equivalence announced

From the Chronicle of Higher Education: ACT and College Board Unveil ‘Concordance Tables’ ACT Inc. and the College Board have released updated concordance tables — estimates of how students of comparable abilities would score on the ACT and SAT examinations. For instance, a composite score of 33 (out a of possible 36) on the ACT corresponds to a combined score of 1440 to 1480 (out of a possible 1600) on the SAT’s critical-reading and mathematics […]

Lilly Foundation Grants Leading to More Ministers

The Chronicle of Higher Ed has an article about the effectiveness of the Lilly Endowment’s efforts to encourage top students to go into ministry. So the endowment invited colleges to compete for grants to be used for three related purposes: to help students explore the relationship between faith and work, to encourage talented students to consider entering Christian ministry, and to prepare the faculty and staff members to help students think about work in new […]

NPR Report – “Anglican Conservatives Step Back From Split Threat”

More reports and news coverage will be coming and I do not intend to try and keep up with it all. This just came out, however, so here it is. Conservative Martyn Minns takes a very practical approach to the whole matter. Martyn Minns, who moved his Virginia parish from the Episcopal church to the more conservative church of Nigeria, asks: “Who’s going to stop us? We don’t have ecclesiastical jails these days, there’s freedom […]