Chronicle of Higher Ed on Enns

The Chronicle of Higher Education has noted that Peter Enns will have his hearing at Westminster Theological Seminary next month. A tenured professor at Westminster Theological Seminary will face a hearing next month to determine if he will be dismissed for his teachings about the Bible, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported this morning. The professor, Peter Enns, teaches the Old Testament at the conservative Presbyterian seminary in Glenside, Pa. In 2005, Mr. Enns published a book, […]

The Sign of Jonah (and a stone tablet)

I have not been following the various stories very carefully about the so-called "messiah tablet" (but Jim West has a nice collection of links and his usual trenchant comments here ). Reading the Time article , however, I was struck by Israel Knohl’s quote regarding the origins of the three day resurrection model. But, as Knohl told TIME, maybe the Christians had a model to work from. The idea of a "dying and rising messiah […]

Plagiarism in the NYTimes

They haven’t plagiarized anyone (that I am aware of at this moment) rather "The Ethicist" is dealing with a case of possible plagiarism. It is an important and challenging issue in academia, but it is also a real-world problem as well. The Ethicist – Hidden Doings I am a student intern at a nonprofit theater. In researching a new play, an assigned task, I discovered that many passages were taken verbatim and without citation from […]

Photo: The Beach

We are spending the 4th weekend with our family in Rehoboth Beach DE. It has been a great time and very relaxing. Pictures are going up on Flickr so feel free to take a look. Most are just going to be snap shots (and photos of the kids are for friends and family, just let me know if you want to be included), but please stop by and critique the images and let me know […]

Coffee, Tea, and the 4th of July

It is not so odd that I should wake up and think of tea. But tea parties ? Well, it is the 4th of July. I am sure I have mentioned it before on this site, but I am inordinately proud that I have given up coffee. I say “inordinately” because it is not like I went cold turkey off of heroin, still getting rid of the coffee fueled caffeine choke hold is not easy. […]

Going to the beach!

Got the Vespa on the carrier and ready to go. (And sadly, it will likely stay there. It was won, after all, by the family and the deal was it will stay at the grandparents beach house.) Have a great 4th of July everyone! I will likely blog during the week, but you never now. I have been informed that computers are confined to the bedrooms…  

Academics at its highest

This is a gem from The Chronicle of Higher Ed’s “First Person” series of anonymous essays. “Pothead Ph.D.” is from a PhD candidate who is espousing the use of marijuana. A bit of philosophy is thrown in to make this all seem legitimate. Of course I’m not arguing that one should smoke out every day. In The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Aunt Polly commands Tom to whitewash a fence. Pretending to enjoy it, Tom is […]