“Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom”

Our first night here I was looking for reading material on my BlackBerry and found I had downloaded the above titled novel (or long short story? the length is hard to tell on the BB) by Cory Doctorow. I have mentioned before both Feedbooks, a source of free electronic books, and Cory Doctorow. Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom is set in Disney World in the sometime future (perhaps 150 years?). This is an […]

WordPress 2.6

There is a new update that brings a surprising amount of new and useful features. And I have just successfully upgraded! But be aware, I am told some folks are reporting problems.  

“If bishops were no more, would we miss them?”

That is the headline of a Times story. And it is a good question and a good little piece. Some highlights are below, but be sure to read it all. Of course this goes straight to the earlier conversation with Kevin Wilson of Blue Cord about polity. The episcopal extravaganza at Lambeth illustrates how outdated the Church of England hierarchy is View a graphic representation of episcopal inflation in the Church of England by Theo […]

Convertibles and Tall Folks

We are at my sister-in-law’s place in FL. We are having a great time here for their daughter’s birthday (with a stop at Disney World on Saturday) but so far one of the highlights has been a drive in my affine’s1 2001 BMW Z3 M. He bought this a few year’s ago but hardly ever drives it. It was a blast to tool around in it, altough a few curvy roads would be nice. Ever […]

Precious Moments Akedah

Tyler Williams posted this . Too funny not to share. BTW I am in FL with family, visiting family. I know what you are thinking, everyone’s ideal! Florida and Disney World in mid-August! Let’s just say 9 years in New Orleans prepared us for the heat and humidity. (It’s true people, it is the humidity.)  

WSJ: “Looted sites” in Iraq exaggerated

You will all be familiar with the reports that major Iraqi sites had been destroyed by looters and US troops (see the U Chicago OI’s “Lost Treasures from Iraq” site). Well, apparently that may not be quite true. Melik Kaylan reports for the Wall Street Journal: A recent mission to Iraq headed by top archaeologists from the U.S. and U.K. who specialize in Mesopotamia found that, contrary to received wisdom, southern Iraq’s most important historic […]

Where the Hell is Matt?

You may have already seen this video, but I just saw it today. Matt Harding has now danced around the world (with the help of a sponsor who doesn’t need my help by linking). Be sure to watch the outtakes with comments. Very funny! (Don’t try dancing at the Parthenon. You’ll see.)  

Gaining Atheists’ respect?

Drew Tatusko has a very good post , linking to a university altercation that had escaped my notice, addressing whether or not atheists should respect religion.I have come across this quite often, particularly in a debate with Jonathan Culler at Cornell (I will post about that some day, it happened years ago now), where the atheist will insist that they do not need to "respect" ignorance. Here, I will let Drew explain and be sure […]

An Introduction – Harder than it looks

I am trying to finally knock out this article and as is often the case the introduction is proving the greatest challenge. In particularly I am trying to set up an argument (albeit briefly, it is not the main purpose of this article) for considering the Targumim of the Megillot as a unity. If you have the time to read it, let me know what you think. A tech note. I am using Nisus Writer […]

More on Evangelicals

Dr. Claude Mariottini has a very good post analyzing the recent Pew survey on religion in the US with respect to Evangelicals. You can read it all here.There are some very interesting results and as Claude points out, they make one wonder about how the questions were phrased. Still, they are not too surprising to me. From Dr. Marionttini’s blog: The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life has published a major survey on religious […]