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Call for papers: SBL Blogger and Online Publication section

We have listened and broadened the scope of the new “bibliobloggers” SBL section. SBL Blogger and Online Publication section Originally organized under the aegis of the ‘biblioblogging’ community, this unit has been renamed. ‘Biblioblogging’ refers to a diverse community of nearly every point of view that communicates new ideas or insights, debates, and discusses exegetical and historical subjects. The Blogger and Online Publication Section supports the publication of articles, commentary, and items of interest relating […]

Fractured online identity?

Or split personality? Christopher Long, associate professor of Philosophy at PSU and soon to be associate dean of the College of Liberal Arts, is wondering how to manage his online presence. Should he have one unified identity @cplong? Or two or more, such as I have (@targuman and @shcdean)? My comments were as follows. I have two because I do try and keep my @shcdean more “professional,” just as I keep my SHC blog […]

Blogging Etiquette: The Linkback

This past week I posted a few cartoons, cards, and other amusing bits that I thought my readers would appreciate. And it seems that many of you did! So much so that you re-blogged the items and I am glad that you did since that helps others learn of my blog. But I also noticed this week that in a couple of instances folks did not link back to my blog. The result, of course, […]

SBL & Biblioblogging

As many of you all know Jim West has taken the lead to forge an “affiliation” with SBL and is now moving forward with forming a steering committee. Some have responded to these developments with some concern and consternation. Chris Heard is the most outspoken that I have come across and I find myself more than sympathetic to his questions and concerns and have posted my own thoughts here. Still, I prefer to be a […]