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How many languages does it take to get to the center?

Duane of Abnormal Interests offers This Isn’t Kindergarten in response to James’ “Essential Languages for New Testament Study” which was, in turn, a follow up to Larry’s discussion of what languages are essential to NT studies. Duane ups the ante quite a bit. Any serious student of the first two centuries CE needs to know not only Hellenistic Greek, but more than a smattering of Aramaic, Hebrew (including Rabbinic Hebrew), Syriac, Coptic and Latin. And if you are interested in Hebrew Bible, […]

Chicago Assyrian Dictionary…for free?!

With all this talk about “iPhone suckers” here is one that can really make you cringe. U of Chicago has decided to release the CAD for free as PDF downloads. Now, I know many of us much prefer books over electronic copies, the truth is that I do as well for down and dirty research, but PDFs are great. Imagine you are on your way to do some research or simply write up some articles […]