Targum Lamentations Thesis in eBook

I have finally finished editing my doctoral thesis (from 20 years ago!) to make it accessible in ePub format! I have made no substantive edits to the text, so any errors present in the earlier version remain (the PDF is still available here). There are some quirks. The fonts seem to have come through ok, but where Hebrew/Aramaic/Syriac text is followed by a footnote the footnote sometimes(?) ends up at the end of the word, meaning before it in the English context. It should all be legible and self-evident, however, and I hope people will find it useful!

The thesis includes a verse-by-verse commentary on TgLam, an exegetical analysis, discussion of the Sitz im Leben, and two appendices including a transcription of Urb. 1 and my translation.

This should be readable in any app that is compliant with ePub standards, e.g., iBooks and Calibre. I am working on a Kindle version and getting it put up into the various distribution networks. In the meantime, you may download the file here!

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