Blaming everyone but ourselves. 3

The Archangel from Tobit, as retold by Frederick Buechner, explaining how we blame suffering on everyone but ourselves.

“When terrible things do happen, they fail to understand that for the most part they have brought them down on their own heads. They prefer to think that it is time itself that is terrible and that the terrible things are only another method by which the Holy One afflicts them for their sins.”

Excerpt From
On the Road with the Archangel
Frederick Buechner


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3 thoughts on “Blaming everyone but ourselves.

    • Christian Brady Post author

      While I shared the above quote thinking about our “times” in this country and how we as a society seem to look at everything and everyone but ourselves for the explanation of why things are hard, I understand your reaction.

      I have written elsewhere on this blog (but I cannot find it now!) how we need to reflect on the difficult and painful things that happen in our lives and consider what our role was in bringing it about. BUT it is also vital that we do NOT take ownership of things that are NOT our fault or responsibility.

      To take the obvious example in my own life, Mack’s death was the result of sepsis, a blood infection. It was not anyone’s fault, there was no neglect or malpractice, it is simply a result of living in a world with illness and death. But what is in my power is how I respond to this tragedy. If I kept going back and asking myself “did I miss something, what else could I have done,” and so on, I would destroy myself and likely my family with me. I have to let that go so that I can move forward in hope and joy, celebrating the life that Mack had and helping others to know and remember him.

      • kaciallen

        Yeah. I’m destroying myself for sure. and it seems God doesn’t mind helping that along.

        I’m so glad you e been able to move forward… we love that precious guy we never got to meet. Love y’all too.