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Messages from the past – no thanks to Facebook

I get David Pogue’s NYTimes blog postings in my email. I like his reviews and reflections, but today’s Two Tips for Facebook Users was particularly helpful. In it he reveals that there is a hidden “Other” messages mailbox. [H]ere’s the bottom line: Go to your Facebook page. In the left-side panel, click Messages. There, next to the boldfaced word “Inbox,” you see a light gray word “Other.” Click it to see your hidden stash of […]

All I want

I am reading some science fiction for distraction, The Fall of Hyperion, recommended by my friend Rick. This is the second in trilogy and, as seems so often the case now, the themes are far more relevant to my immediate life than I expected. One character, a Jewish Philosopher named Sol, is mourning his daughter and quotes a portion of Yeats’s A Prayer for My Daughter. “All Sol wanted, he realized now, was the same possibility […]