Only a dream 3

There have been so many times, especially early on, when I would think, hope for a moment that it had all just been a dream, that Mack was really asleep in the other room and would come in any minute and crawl in our bed. Now I begin to have moments when I wonder if the last nine, wonderful years were just a dream.


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3 thoughts on “Only a dream

  • Brenda

    I receive your blogs via email and try to read most of them….my heart always goes out to you and your family when I read your postings……the sorrow and the sadness of what you say shakes me to my core and only wish I could give you another 90 years with Mack ….. I would do it in a heartbeat….may God protect your angel Mack, may he be surrounded with so much love and affection that his spirit laughs with joy and happiness… a parent my heart breaks for your loss…..I have a question, this question really came to me after the Sandy Hook trajedy: Have you ever considered communicating with Mack via a reputable medium? I have considered doing this with my aunt who passed and whom I miss dearly.

    • Christian Brady Post author

      Brenda, Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your encouraging words. We know that he is with us in many ways, but more importantly we know that he is safe, and more than healthy, he is complete, with Christ. If I may gently offer two comments. I do not believe that Mack is an angel now. The Bible is clear that angels are different creatures, not simply those who have died “translated” in some way into a new form. Furthermore, while the Bible is not terribly clear about what happens to us when we die (I will write about that anon) we have glimpses and they affirm this. For example, regarding those raised from the dead, Jesus said, “Indeed they cannot die anymore, because they are like angels and are children of God, being children of the resurrection.” I know that you and others seek only to encourage and comfort us by speaking of Mack as an angel and I appreciate and am grateful for that. Mack is truly transformed, but not into something else, rather he is more fully and completely human, what God created him to be.

      Finally, I would not consider using a medium, not simply because there is explicit biblical laws forbidding such, but because I do not it is necessary. Again, the Bible is not clear on what happens when we die (and again, i will write on that later), but I do not discount the presence of God with us and, by extension, of those who are now with him more fully. We miss him terribly and would love to hear his voice again, his laugh, and to hold him. While I know I cannot do that, I know that he is well, he is loved, and we will be with him again.