My Last Mardi Gras

King Rex (redundant, I know)Mardi Gras LaddersOur HostsSt. Charles Ave.Mom & MackNew Orleans Finest (and the people who ride them)
The RidersI don't know his role...The Royal BargeThe masks disturb me...PICT3315.JPG
PICT3316.JPGTulane Marching BandTulane Marching BandProf. Kehoe gives a liftPICT3328.JPGPICT3330.JPG
PICT3332.JPGNewcomb Pottery HonoredPICT3335.JPGPICT3336.JPGPICT3345.JPGPICT3346.JPG

Mardi Gras 06, a set on Flickr.

We lived in New Orleans for 9 years, from 1997-2006. Our last Mardi Gras was the one following Katrina. The whole event of Mardi Gras leaves me with mixed feelings. The debauchery in the French Quarter is so extreme it is ridiculous, but the family aspect of the earlier parades and the fun that the kids can have is endearing. The catharsis of the ’06 Mardi Gras, however, was absolutely necessary.

Later today I will share why my friend Jim West is wrong about Lent (and why King Cakes are so yummy).

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