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International SBL in Amsterdam

I am in late in posting the news, but my paper has been accepted for the International SBL conference this summer in Amsterdam. No one will be surprised to know that my paper is on Targum Ruth. The title character of the book of Ruth has been viewed historically as everything from the paragon of a proselyte to a marginal figure who is ultimately nothing more than a pawn used by Naomi and, more lasciviously, […]

“Undue Weight of Truth” — Not just Wikipedia but peer review as well?

There is a very interesting article in the Chronicle Review today about the fact that Wikipedia explicitly is not designed to provide correct information about a subject, but rather only present the majority “weight” of viewpoints. His field and subject of this wikisode was the Haymarket riot and trial of 1886. Timothy Messer-Kruse has published his work in peer-reviewed journals and has at least one book on the subject. He corrected the Wiki-P entry with copious supportive […]