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Now THIS is the BEST footnote. Ever. By a wide margin.

With great thanks to Robert Holmstedt who sent it along. This is Michael V. Fox. 1987. Hebrew Studies 28:6-8. You all know by now of my loathing for endnotes1 I had no idea that Fox, or anyone, had ever so clearly and in such a sustained manner commented on this matter. I also look forward to following up on the (ironically located) endnotes in his footnote, particularly the references to Bowersock2. What makes this all […]

Liberal Arts Scholarship and Technology Summit – Sacred Techs

You are all (that is all of you, every last one of you on the intertubes) invited to the Penn State Liberal Arts Scholarship and Technology Summit, tomorrow January 4, 2012! The schedule is below and the entire program will be simulcast live it will be streamed live at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/lasts-12. Fee free to share that link. We will also be archiving the talks to share later as well. We will use the Twitter hashtag #lasts12 […]