Oct 11th – College Radio Station Day

This article is behind the subscription wall, but there is not much to it. I note it because of the fact that my wife and I met in a college radio station.

College Radio Stations Join Forces to Send Out a Strong Signal on October 11
By Don Troop
Staff members at William Paterson University’s WPSC-FM are leading a movement to celebrate College Radio Day next month, with the goal of ensuring the medium’s future.

The primary aim of the event, says Mr. Quicke, is to get average people to tune in to their local college radio stations and to appreciate their unique contributions to the larger culture.

“What really cheeses me off is when you have college radio breaking bands, they become massive, cross over to the mainstream, and then commercial radio steps in and says, ‘We’ll take it from here, thanks,'” he says.

Last year at a conference, a music-industry executive confided in Mr. Quicke that college radio “is a great product, but it’s irrelevant because it’s too fragmented.”


That fragmentation has ill-served fans of the medium, who have seen some colleges sell off their valuable FM licenses in these tight economic times. Mr. Quicke went to bed one night with that problem on his mind, and awoke the next morning with the idea for College Radio Day “fully crystallized.”

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