Too much good stuff 3

You know there are times when I get really frustrated and a wee bit depressed because there is just not enough time. I love my job as an administrator and the work that I do but it means I have very little time for reading blogs and even less for writing posts. (See the halting state of my Genesis commentary.)

Today another excellent edition of the Biblical Studies Carnival came out (thanks Kevin!) and I find myself in NYC realizing I have missed a whole slew of good posts on Genesis from the always brilliant John Hobbins. It is maddening! And that doesn’t even include all the other posts on Genesis this past month (thanks Bob!).

*sigh* I will continue to plug away and look forward to SBL where at least the only thing I am supposed to be doing there is hanging out with you all. Meanwhile, I have to get out of the hotel and over to my morning meeting! Life….


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3 thoughts on “Too much good stuff

  • Bob MacDonald

    You’re right Chris – keeping up and keeping a full time job is extremely difficult. Thank you for your pointer to your posts on Genesis – I will be looking at them. I am happy that my mid-month collection of posts is useful. They all just happened to correspond with the Jewish Torah readings, a comic book, and and my Sunday school program. (I think though that such mid month round ups – if they happen – might well make a carnival’s hosting job easier.)

    • Chris Brady Post author

      Great! I have not put much of my TgRuth work up here, but I will in the spring. Right now the Genesis commentary is a kind of “warm up” to get my mind working and my fingers typing. The current stage in my research is focusing on how the targum transforms the figure of Boaz.