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What’s a little (blood) libel among friends?

By now you have no doubt heard about Sarah Palin’s comments in the wake of the Arizona shootings. A little background is that Ms. Palin’s political action committee website had a map of the use with sniper scope images over certain districts, including Arizona, that they were “targeting” in the election. Many, on both sides of the aisle, have pointed to such militaristic images as fostering the kind of violence that broke forth this past […]

I worry for my friend Dr. Robert Cargill

I do. My life has been busy so I have had little time to read blogs let alone write my own posts. This morning I decided to catch up on a few and noted Bob’s very amusing snippet of testimony from the Golum Golb trial. In it he stated, “we’re all still pretty much nerds writing about the Dead Sea Scrolls.” True, true. But then it hit me! He was using capital letters! Not just […]