American Educational Crisis isn’t all that 4

Very interesting piece, “Education is nowhere mentioned in the Constitution…. It embodies a faith in the capabilities of ordinary people that the Founders simply didn’t have.” And it isn’t in as bad a shape as some folks suggest. Or so says the author. A quick read that is well worth it.

The overblown crisis in American education, “Schoolwork” by Nicolas Lehman.


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4 thoughts on “American Educational Crisis isn’t all that

  • JohnO

    I think he is correct to be nuanced on the issue. However, I can safely say that the high school my youngest sister attended was surprising. Teachers routinely did not show up to teach their classes. My family had moved from Long Island NY to a middle-class white suburb of Charlotte. She was nearly failing her math class in NY. And after two weeks they wanted to put her in the advanced math class.

    While it might not be the “travesty” people are saying it is, there is certainly something that needs fixing.

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  • Bill

    Great article. Education implicitly fell under the 10th amendment, btw, deliberately (and competitively) left to the states, which is why Penn State charges non-PA residents more money. 😉

  • Justin Allison

    My wife has taught public school 6 years. The area we live in is a Texas suburb. We really don’t get complaints about the school district. She has nothing but good things to say about public schools (in our area).
    I think there are definitely some areas where public education stinks, but plenty of areas where it is still good. When I lived in Louisiana, public education was terrible.