Peanuts Dead Sea Scrolls – More Christmas Comics

I always had the red fire truck. This isn’t a complete wrap up of Christmas comics, but just a couple that I thought were good enough to share. What is great about the Peanuts strip is that Charles Schultz created this in 1962! The Scrolls were recently discovered and he has a nice drawing of a scroll in the first panel. I am still trying to ID the fragment, I assume it is 1 Sam. (since 1QIsa is a much more complete manuscript) but I do not have my images here and I cannot identify the text clearly. Anyone with better eyes than mine?

The Bizarro strip is entirely too accurate.

And this is just as I always suspected. And the fourth wise man’s name was Zeppo, by Stahler.

And finally, Happy Holidays once more! (This one is from AppleGeeks.)

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