Proof of God’s Existence 2

Reminds me of George Burns as God and the whole avocado discussion.

strip for January / 22 / 2009

Sheldon by Dave Kellett

Note that Dave Kellett and his wife, who writes for How I Met Your Mother, will be performing her play in Miami:

SOUTH BEACH COMEDY FESTIVAL: Thursday, Jan 22nd, 9:00PM at The Colony Theatre, my wife and I will be performing onstage at Comedy Central’s South Beach Comedy Festival. We’re debuting my wife’s fantastic new play, “Tied in Knots”. Check it out: Variety even featured the play in yesterday’s issue! And Dave Barry’s the opening act, so what the heck… make it a big night of comedy!


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2 thoughts on “Proof of God’s Existence

  • Chris Brady Post author

    Jim! That is an unbelievable video. Wow. That is just too much, really, too much. Just two days ago my students commented on how they now open the banana not with the God-provided “tab” but the other end of the banana because that is how chimps do it and…sure enough! It is easier to open that way without smushing the banana. I may have to post the whole video…