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Sheldon: Some words just don’t sound like what they are…

One of my all time favorite web comics is Sheldon by Dave Kellett. He is always witty and  very funny (see the series two weeks ago about make up for dudes, which does now exist in England! “Guyliner” and “manscara,” I kid you not. Chris Tilling must be behind it.) Well, today he was musing about words.  

Proof of God’s Existence

Reminds me of George Burns as God and the whole avocado discussion. Note that Dave Kellett and his wife, who writes for How I Met Your Mother, will be performing her play in Miami: SOUTH BEACH COMEDY FESTIVAL: Thursday, Jan 22nd, 9:00PM at The Colony Theatre, my wife and I will be performing onstage at Comedy Central’s South Beach Comedy Festival. We’re debuting my wife’s fantastic new play, “Tied in Knots”. Check it out: Variety […]