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Christmas in (political) cartoons

UPDATE: I just noticed that this is my 2,000 post. Somewhat fitting, don’t you think? It combines all of my interests (aside from technology) into one post: comics, religion and politics, a delicious mélange! You all know my penchant for comics and politics so it is no surprise that when it all comes together, comics, politics, and religion, I just have to bring it to your attention. Cagle at MSNBC.com has the usual round up […]

Syriac news: New releases by Gorgias Press

I received the following email from George Kiraz and pass it along for the benefit of all. Dear Christian, I am writing to introduce you to some of Gorgias Press’s academic publishing programs. At the last SBL meeting, we released ca. 65 new titles, some of which are listed below under my signature. During the past nine months, we refined our acquisitions and production processes in order to meet scholarly needs, and release books very […]

Language: It doesn’t meant what you think it means

This reminds me of those cell phone and cable data plans that are “unlimited” until you hit the limit. This is the current promotion on Best Buy’s website: For those who might not be able to see the image it says “99¢ SHIPPING ON ALL PRODUCTS * Exclusions apply.” Aha. “All products” does not in fact mean “all products.”