The overwhelming SBL

I have actually been in NOLA since Thursday. I spent my first few days meeting with old friends at Tulane and in Covington (where we lived for 6 years). (I took a few pictures that you can see here.)

So yesterday SBL started in earnest. Several folks have blogged or twittered about how busy and overwhelming SBL can be and how to get the most out of the experience. I have another suggestion: don’t twitter or blog about SBL. I say this knowing that I myself have twittered and blogged a good bit about SBL, but I find SBL busy enough without the added feeling of anxiety that I get knowing that I am not keeping up with the #SBL09 twitter feed and the numerous blog posts.

Wait! There is another one! What? Sorry I missed your paper I was busy trying to write a blog post about the last session.

Oy! Too much. So dear friends please excuse me if I don’t know have multiple updates this year. I will twitter, but mostly only if I am bored (but not always) and if I can find the time I will try and do a few blog updates, but don’t worry about keeping up with me. Just enjoy your SBL!


Now, to share just a couple of items from yesterday:

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