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Academic crowd sourcing

I write this with the sense that I am in some way cheating, but if David Pogue can write an entire book via Twitter (in which one of my tweets is quoted) then perhaps I can call upon the greater knowledge and wisdom of the biblioblogging world to aid me in some research. This SBL I was asked to present a paper for the Chronicles-Ezra-Nehemiah section on exile and return. We are, of course, meeting […]

If only there were such a place…

But wouldn’t that be cool? Jesus as Batman? No, not really. Well darn, something silly now has me thinking of why that would just be wrong. Forget I said anything, just indulge in the chuckle. Warning! Don’t go to that comic’s site (The Least I Could Do, have to give them props) if you are offended by sexual humor…. I’m just sayin’ you’ve been warned. (And a bonus comic, with similar warning about the site. […]