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Conference: Stewardship or Sacrifice? Religion & the Ethics of Climate Change

Things are coming together for our conference at PSU regarding religious and ethical dimensions of climate change. I will be a panelist and I am looking forward to it! From the conference website: Conference: October 7–8, 2009 Pasquerilla Spiritual Center The Pennsylvania State University All events are free and open to the public. Held at the Pasquerilla Spiritual Center, this conference will examine the role that religion can play in solving the climate change crisis. […]

A Christian approach to the healthcare debate

I have posted on this hot topic before and while I still find this an incredibly complex problem to try and resolve I am pleased there are thoughtful folks trying to work through the issues. Of course, I think the ethical or moral dimension is easy, of course we should want everyone to have the best healthcare possible! The challenge is the economics and politics of it. I particularly like the preamble to Sojourners resource […]