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Long time no blog…

The last two months has been incredibly hectic and I have had little time to blog, as you all have no doubt noticed. A few highlights of the last two months that I hope to post about (and I even have a draft or two started) but may not get to. Andy Ihnatko, internationally-beloved technology pundit and frequent guest on Mac Break Weekly, visited campus. We had a great time and even recorded a podcast […]

College application essays are hard, even for college presidents

Last year the Wall Street Journal challenged ten presidents of US colleges and universities to answer one essay question (which WSJ selected) from the president’s institution’s application. This story has discusses the process and the results and includes some very good consideration about writing such essays. The exercise showed just how challenging it is to write a college essay that stands out from the pack, yet doesn’t sound overly self-promotional or phony. Even some presidents […]

Did St. Francis preach or practice the Gospel (or maybe even both)?

Andy Crouch just recommend this story and it is indeed worth a quick read (it is rather short). One of my favorite and most memorable courses as an undergraduate at Cornell was with Prof. Brian Tierney on St. Francis. It was the last course he taught before retiring and was a graduate course and I was one of only two or three undergraduates. Fantastic and enlightening course, mostly due to the politics that ensued, already […]

Because there are so many native Latin and Aramaic speakers in London.

The Independent is reporting on this ridicularity. Personally, I would worry more about cleaning up after the horses and camels. On-stage chariot races, herds of horses, camels, vultures, eagles, 400 performers and a supporting cast which includes Jesus Christ, Tiberius Julius Caesar and Pontius Pilate … What else to do but set Ben-Hur the stage show in Latin and Aramaic? The £5m production will show at the 20,000-seat O2 arena in London from 15-19 September. […]

Choosing the next President of Wheaton College (IL)

What an honor.1 Today I received a letter from Wheaton College (the one in IL) from which I received an MA in Biblical and Theological Studies. Dr. Duane Litfin, who became president of the College while I was still a student there, is stepping down as president. The letter asks for my help in identifying someone to replace him. In your own role as Dean of the Schreyer Honors College at Penn State University, you […]