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Easter cartoon roundup

Johnny Hart, the late cartoonist who created B.C. is no longer with us to provide his annual controversial Easter strip, but others still mark the seasons with their single-paneled commentary. Daryl Cagle’s Political Cartoon page at MSNBC is the best single resource for English political cartoons. They also separate and order based upon theme. So, let’s examine a few of the the Easter themed cartoons they have on offer. This cartoon is clearly trying to […]

What Passover tells us about international relations

A tip of the ol’ cranial cover to my former student ES. An article from Daniel Drezner of Tufts University. The four questions lead him to four “relevant lessons about politics.” 1) Minority rights in an autocratic regime are a fragile thing. 2) Sanctions against an autocratic regime will rarely yield significant concessions. 3) God was not that good at bargaining.* 4) America’s idiotic sugar quotas are particularly bad for the Jews. *Yes, yes, God […]

Vermes on the resurrection

As regular as the Easter season itself Prof. Vermes has an article in the British press about the resurrection.There is nothing new in the Times piece, but his conclusion is markedly encompassing. Neither positive nor negative reasoning leads anywhere because the Resurrection of Jesus cannot be compared with events belonging to history. There is one phenomenon that may lead us out of this maze: the transformation of the Apostles. It was not because of the […]