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Wired: Split Screen ID

This is a fun game (that I got no where near to solving) from One hint: Dr and Doctor fans have the best chance of figuring out the puzzle. Each human head you see here mashes up the mugs of two stars from a movie or a TV show. Write down the titles, then string them together to describe a character from a Kubrick film. The number of letters in each word is provided […]

National Service Bill to be signed today.

I have blogged on this before with my views that such national service is a good thing. This is the Chronicle of Higher Education’s summary: April 21, 2009 Obama to Sign National Service Bill Today Washington — President Obama is expected to sign legislation today that would expand the federal national-service programs by the largest amount in 50 years. The bill will more than triple the size of the AmeriCorps program, to 250,000 slots, up from […]

Technology revolution or evolution?

Today Penn State put on its annual Symposium for Teaching and Learning with Technology. I  presented along with our Associate Dean and some students about our blogging initiative. A lot of very interesting conversations occurred at the symposium. On one blog was a continuation of thoughts spurred by Cole Camplese’s recent paper and interview, I made some comments about the use of twitter in the classroom (and congregation) earlier this week. Stevie Rocco reflected on […]

What is the deal with Samson?

I have asked the question before but I thought I would solicit your comments yet again.  How is this guy anything more than a horny thug with violent tendencies? How is it that he is preserved in the canon as being a great leader of Israel? Can it really be that his sole divinely ordained purpose was to kill lots of Philistines (Judg. 14:4)? What do you think? UPDATE: The comments are going well. Please […]