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Jon Stewart is doing it again

I was going to write about Jon Stewart criticizing other TV personalities for not doing their job properly while defending himself for similar attacks by hiding behind the “I am just an entertainer” feather boa. I was but my friend Richard Wright beat me to it and did a fine job of it. Jon Stewart tries to have it both ways (or) court-jester turned cheerleader-clown at Live the Trinity. [Jon Stewart] is trying to have […]

Get a great desktop or image (and help my nephew go to H2O Polo camp)

My nephew is trying to raise funds to go to water polo camp and my brother (his father) has set up a donation button at his site. You can donate as little or as much as you like. But what I wanted to highlight most of all is his mad image skillz. Most of you who read this blog are also bloggers. Need a new image for your header? Want a themed desktop/wall paper? Matt […]

Conference on Climate Change and Religion

I am very pleased to announce that we are going to have an interesting, exciting, and timely conference at Penn State this fall. I will be on one of the panels and we will have a number of other scholars participating. If you are in Pennsylvania and interested in participating or simply attending please let me know. Penn State to Hold Conference on Climate Change and Religion The conference, entitled “Stewardship or Sacrifice? Religion and […]