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Academic freedom or freedom of religion?

Jim West has brought to our attention both the reassignment of Gerd Lüdemann and a petition to protest the fact that the German Supreme Court upheld that decision. According to the petition: Gerd Lüdemann, Professor of the History and Literature of Early Christianity in the University of Göttingen, has received word from the Federal Constitutional Court in Germany that his appeal against an earlier ruling excluding him from the teaching of New Testament in the […]

Beard resources

Who knew there were so many? From a very amusing and talented artist David Malki, creator of Wondermark. Six facial-hair taxonomies. March 5th, 2009 You know, of course, of my Hierarchy of Beards poster, surely one of the most invaluable teaching materials made available to the public since the invention of the vivisection. And I have also shown how mine is merely one in a storied history of facial-hair taxonomies. Today, let us consider some […]

The arrest of Raphael Haim Golb

I was getting ready to post this story from the Chronicle1 when I realized I should check Jim West’s blog first and, sure enough, Jim has a very full and consistently updated post documenting this development and with links to all the stories you could want on the matter. The gist of the story is that Golb has been using false identities for several years to harras and attack Dead Sea Scrolls scholars such as […]