Jesus died?! Where’s my time machine?

This comic reminded me of one of our essay questions for this year’s SHC application.

Cow & Boy - January 24, 2009
Cow & Boy by Mark Leiknes

Our application requires three essays and one that we have chosen for this year that I particularly like is this:

You are given the power, for one day, to be an invisible observer at an historic event.  Although you will not be able to change the course or the outcome of the event, you will be able to bring back to the present all the insights you gain.  Explain which historic event you would most like to witness, and why you think being an observer at that event would help you make an important contribution to the future.

I actually expected a lot of people to answer that they would like to go back and see some biblical event. Certianly I would want to see something like the feeding of the X,000 or some other miracle, or perhaps camp out at the tomb and see what happens (although I reckon I would fall asleep and miss it all). So far I am told that we have a few applicants who answered it in this way (along with one student who wanted to be there for the drafting of the US Constitution in 1869, no typo, the date was repeated several times in the essay), but not as many as I expected.

So, what event would you want to observe?

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