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Bibliobloggers SBL Dinner 2008

(Click on the picture to go to flickr and see more pictures of attendees.) Tonight we had our annual SBL Bibliobloggers dinner. Absent were the redoubtable Jim West and Chris Tilling but we made fun of them anyway. We had a tremendous group, with 23 people in attendance! We even had one or two self-described groupies. Nice. Once again I tried to record a podcast, and was successful…more less. I realized after about 20 minutes […]

First Day at SBL

As the sun rises over the buildings outside the window of my 15th floor room in the Sheraton I am still trying to decide what papers to see today. I only went to one paper yesterday, but it was a good one. Heath Thomas gave a paper: Reading Lamentations with Daniel Berrigan, S.J.Controversial peace activist, poet, and Jesuit priest Daniel Berrigan writes: “In 2001, I turned eighty. That same year, the twin towers fell in […]