Chronicle of Higher Ed on Enns

The Chronicle of Higher Education has noted that Peter Enns will have his hearing at Westminster Theological Seminary next month.

A tenured professor at Westminster Theological Seminary will face a hearing next month to determine if he will be dismissed for his teachings about the Bible, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported this morning.

The professor, Peter Enns, teaches the Old Testament at the conservative Presbyterian seminary in Glenside, Pa.

In 2005, Mr. Enns published a book, Inspiration and Incarnation: Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament, intended to help Christians and religion students make sense of apparent contradictions in biblical texts. Mr. Enns writes in the introduction that “Christ is both God and human. So is the Bible.”

What is always interesting when CHE posts a story is the comments. I will not reproduce them all here (Drew, is that you on comment #5?) but this is an example.

Is anybody else getting tired of yet another story about a closed-minded evangelical institution considering dismissing a tenured faculty member become of some creed that was signed upon hire. Of course the people who are behind these kinds of 21st century witch-hunts should be forced to watch episodes of Beavis and Butthead until they realize they are watching themselves. But this isn’t news anymore. News would be an openminded evangelical institution. Publishing these kinds of stories only feeds the self-righteous paranoia of the hyper-rightwing “victims” of the mainstream. “Look at us! We’re staying to the OLD ways!” Just be Amish already.

— John    Jul 10, 03:38 PM

More comments are piling up. Be sure to check it out (the link is free, as opposed to the main CHE site).

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