Comic Caption contest Winner!: Pennies from heaven

UPDATE: In spite of Joel’s attempts at schmoozing (which usually does work) I have to go with Aaron as our winner! Aaron, send me your info off line and I will send you Nielsen’s commentary on Ruth! Look for a new competition later this week (but I cannot promise prizes. I only have so many duplicates in my library.)

The New Yorker does this on a regular basis (and this is a NY cartoon). I thought we could do it as well! So, what do you think would be an appropriate caption?


UPDATE: Fantastic results! This may have to turn into a regular feature, what do you say? I must clarify that contrary to reports, I am not offering a free iPhone. I do, however, have an extra copy of Kirsten Nielsen’s Ruth (Old Testament Library). What do you think? Is that a worthy prize?

UPDATE 2: By the way, your suggests are much funnier than the actual caption: “Oh, thank you, Lord! Do I have to tell my partner?”

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