“The 50 most influential figures in the Anglican Church” (and eyebrows)

That is the headline of the Telegraph article and it says it all. Check it out.

With the Lambeth Conference, the Anglican Communion’s landmark summit, beginning next week, The Sunday Telegraph has compiled the Lambeth Power List, a countdown of the most influential figures in the worldwide Church.

Rowan WIlliams, Archbishop of Canterbury

A panel of experts has voted for who they think are making the biggest impact, both in making the headlines, and working behind the scenes.

This list sheds light on those who have played a role in shaping the Church, both locally and internationally, and will be involved in how it evolves out of the current crisis.

They range from archbishops and bishops to theologians and academics, including figures from both sides of the divide and those who have tried to heal the rift.

One note about the picture above. He combs his eyebrows. He does. He must. They don’t get that long and then remain that tidy and directed without external inervention. This brings up the question, when you get to the point where you are combing your eyebrows don’t you think you should consider having them trimmed?

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