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Buy n Large

I saw WALL•E with my son yesterday evening (we had a boys weekend since the girls were in NYC watching ballet with Grandmommy). I may comment further on it later, but a couple of points. WALL•E boots up to the sound of a Macintosh chime. The Apple connections are always aplenty. (BTW, in one of the first scenes as WALL•E cleans up keep your eyes peeled for a vehicle from another Pixar film.) Buy n […]

Episcopal Church (USA) loses legal battle

From the Washingont Post , the Diocese of Virginia lost their battle to retain the property of 11 breakaway congregations. (I have to admit, I was aware of all of this but had no idea it was that many congregations.) The key seems to be a VA law that has been around since the Civil War. The Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Virginia argued that the state law is unconstitutional, that the government should […]