Life is offensive, get used to it. 2

This comic was called “The Academia Waltz” and was created by Berke Breathed while a student at the University of Texas. As is often the case, he later used this same gag in a Bloom County strip. Still, it is to the point and relevant (even 30 years on). Note the penciled correction of “Sexism offends me!” to “Sex on TV offends.” It is difficult to tell, but it looks like Breathed’s own hand. I wonder when that might have been added/changed. And here’s irony. Googling “Opus life is offensive” yields stories about a firestorm that an Opus strip (the sequel to Bloom County) caused in Sept. 2007. Sure enough. Life is offensive. So is the Gospel.



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2 thoughts on “Life is offensive, get used to it.

  • rogermugs

    as an RA in college I had to go through what they called “diversity training” which was basically where we sat around a circle and were told that we were evil if we had a problem with homosexuality.

    anyhow. one time the leader of this discussion mentioned that he was going to stop telling people they had done a poor job because “poor” is offensive to people of a low socioeconomic status…

    i remember walking out of there and my friend commenting, “pretty soon we wont be able to call people stupid because actually stupid people will be offended… instead we’ll just have to refer to everyone we dont like as ‘unfavorable'”


    there’s a phrase I want my children to grow up with.. .sheesh.