Mac OS Update: 10.5.2

UPDATE: There is already a subsequent update so once you do 10.5.2 go back into Software Update for the next round. All has been smooth on my two machines.

Best of all it fixes stacks in the Dock so that they can be lists again! In fact, it is a step beyond the old OS X function since now you can specify how it should appear and a single click will show a list of the folder’s contents. They also provided an option to turn off the translucent menu bar. Let the people rejoice (it never bothered me).

Now the next question is, did they fix Spaces. I have turned it off because so many windows were being “orphaned” forcing me to use Exposé just to get at my open windows. No, apparently not.

Many will be pleased by these UI tweaks, but there are a number of other fixes as well.

From TUAW: 10.5.2 in Software Update right now

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Apple has dropped a 10.5.2 update out on Software Update. The patch has a number of different bugfixes all across the OS, from Dashboard and Airport improvements all the way to a menubar option in Time Machine and the disabling of GrowlMail 1.1.2 or earlier “to avoid security issues fix 1.1.2 from crashing growlmail.”

My Software Update is apparently taking its sweet time downloading the patch, but other TUAWers have already grabbed it and gotten rolling. Welcome to 10.5.2!

UPDATE: Chris Forsythe from Growl notified us that it wasn’t a security issue with Growl.

(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)

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