Globalization or Internationalization?

We have been discussing these terms in a committee of which I am a member at our University. I argued that what we really mean is “globalization” because “internationalization” implies national identities and concerns and while that is part of what we are interested in, our main concern is to develop our students and university in a way that transcends borders and addresses issues that cross borders. I did not write this, but what do you think?

Globalization describes a process by which people of the world function together economically, technologically, socio-culturally, and politically. It is a process whereby human activities operate at a global scale, to some degree independently of national boundaries, with implications both regionally and globally. A globalized world is one in which people’s day-to-day lives are significantly impacted by environmental events and social, economic, and political actions originating outside of the region and whose sphere of influence is global in extent.

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