ELI: Educause Learning Initiative

Today through Wednesday I am in Atlanta at the Educause Learning Initiative conference. Main conference site here here. They will be blogging and podcasting many of the sessions so those interested should trot on over to http://connect.educause.edu/term_veiw/ELI2007 (NB it is not live yet, since the sessions haven’t started!).

The sessions look interesting (but, in all honesty not as compelling as those in my academic discipline at SBL) and I am looking forward to peeking into a new field and hearing the pros speak. There will be some hands-on sessions (Apple is here doing some podcasting demos, etc.).

Featured Speakers

  • First-Generation Ubiquitous Computing: Social, Mobile, and Gamelike—Bryan Alexander, Director for Research, National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education (NITLE)
  • Connexions: Building Communities and Sharing Knowledge—Richard G. Baraniuk, Professor, Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineer, Rice University
  • Creating New Spaces for Learning in Community—Deborah Bickford, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs, University of Dayton, William Dittoe, Principal, Educational Facilities Consultants, LLC and David J. Wright, Director Curriculum Innovation & E-Learning, University of Dayton
  • The 2007 Horizon Report: Six Technologies to Watch—Laurence F. Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, and Rachel Smith, Director, Special Projects and Publications, The New Media Consortium (NMC); Cyprien P. Lomas, ELI Scholar in Residence / Director, Learning Centre, The University of British Columbia and Diana G. Oblinger, Vice President, EDUCAUSE
  • Student Learning by the Numbers: The Opportunities and Challenges of Educating with Analytics—Michael Rappa, Alan T. Dickson Distinguished University Professor, North Carolina State University
  • The Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative: Cognitively Informed Web-Based Instruction—Joel M. Smith, Vice Provost and Chief Information Officer, Carnegie Mellon University and Candace Thille, Director, Open Learning Initiative, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Father Google and Mother IM: Confessions of a Net Gen Learner—Carolyn Lee Windham, Student, North Carolina State University
  • While You Were Out: How Students Are Transforming the World of Information and What It Means for Publishing—Kate Wittenberg, Director, EPIC, Columbia University
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