The Unlikely Missionary eBook now available!

smcover copyMy wife’s novel The Unlikely Missionary is now available as an ebook!

It is only $1.99 and available now in the following formats: epub, mobi, pdf, rtf, lrf, pdb, txt. It will soon be available on Apple iBooks and Sony stores too, but you can read the epub version in iBooks now, just download directly from Smashwords. You can even download a free sample first if you like.

The blurb:

Sorority girl finds God and answers call to mission field in Africa. Katherine leaves behind a stunned family and fiancé to enter the dynamic world of expatriates. Bush living is tough, but the real challenge is accepting God’s forgiveness…and breaking off her engagement.

Katherine knew she was called to Africa. She just wished she were as confident about her engagement to John.Katherine Tierney had sown a “burlap sack of wild oats” in college. But, after making peace with God, she stuns her fiancé and family by answering a call to the mission field in Africa.

Set in 1990, Katherine serves for one year in far away Burkina Faso where she is welcomed into the tight knit community of missionaries. Adjusting to the rigors of bush living is tough, but Katherine’s test comes in the quiet of her mud brick house where she is confronted by her past and learns to accept God’s forgiveness.

When her fiancé visits for Christmas, he discovers a different person and their relationship is finally resolved. Katherine emerges from the mission field a new woman, confident in God’s love.

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