Targuman’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-30

  • I need to do the dishes, clean some clothes, pack and get sleep. 5 AM comes early. SC and back in 36 hours. #
  • @colecamplese congratulations again! (And happy birthday?!) #
  • @Robin2go @SCMProfessor You know I do! And on Flickr: targuman #
  • @SCMProfessor Sadly I will be travelling tomorrow. #
  • Just found my wife’s phone…in the garbage disposal. Miraculously still working. Powered down and will let it dry for a few days. #
  • @SCMProfessor Atlanta. I will take the camera and see what I can find. (Back to the dishes, now that the phone has been fished out) #
  • E’s phone was on the window ledge. We think a call vibrated the phone and plop. I had just turned on the water, but not disposal. #
  • @micala I don’t see the group on Flickr… #
  • G’night everyone. #
  • @SCMProfessor Yes, existing iPhones are supposed to run the new firmware. #
  • Off to the airport! #
  • arrived in ATL I took dramamine bc they said it would be a rough flight Cant stay awake #
  • Landed in Charleston, SC. #

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