Targuman’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-29

  • The day is waning and time for bed. First, to read some comics and unwind. *sproing* #
  • Larry Lesing is opening the Penn State Teaching and Learning Symposium #
  • Sorry – Lessig #
  • Follow @SCMProfessor – his tweets are more detalied.. #
  • @SCMProfessor If we don’t twitter the terrorists win! #
  • Lesig uses WAY too many Keynote slides: one per word for very sentence. #
  • Lesig: mashups (he calls it remix) are the new writing Latin is writing with words #
  • Now on to copyright law. (For those who don’t know, this is his Big Deal®) #
  • Lesig; plea for leadership. eg his Creative Commons #
  • Lesig; plea for leadership. eg his Creative Commons #
  • @scmprofessor – not lose it engagement we get new, additional engagement #
  • @scmprofessor – not my point. we dont drop one means of contact for the other we add a new layer #
  • Now the other Dr. Brady is going to speak about using social networks with "non-traditional students." #
  • What is a non-traditional student? "Age 24 years or older, vet…" #
  • "We are all individuals" Life of Brian #
  • @dtatusko Sadly I could not make ELI. So far the Symposium is very good. #
  • How to talk about "non-traditinal students" as a group if they are all so different? #
  • "remix" is old school. #
  • "social networks" are just tools. The "social" component cannot be forced, it happens or it doesn’t. The networks are simply tools. #
  • Thank you to all who just followed me in my brother’s session! #
  • Wiki is not a social networking tool, it is a collaborative tool. Relationships MAY develop but it is not the goal or function of the tool. #
  • @Robin2go Thanks! Arguing is a family tradition. #
  • Not in a graet session, but too lazy to move. I will get some work done. #
  • I have a diff concern than I have heard at TLT: How to communicate with students. I say we stick with email as official (and print) but… #
  • We should also use Facebook events, Twitter, blogs for announcements. Text messages? No. Systems aren’t designed for what we need. #
  • @stevier Hmmmmaybe, re SMS via ColdFusion, but aren’t there times when it is appropriate to set standards and stick with em for a while? #
  • did she say she was a stripper?! #
  • @Robin2go Oh yes I did! uh huh! #
  • Back in the office ready to recieve a group of prospective SHC Penn Staters! Enjoying the TLT folks! #
  • Insurance for the Vespa: $27/year. I can handle that. #
  • Relationships and Twitter: http://www.flickr.com/photos/targuman/2372053072/ #
  • @SCMProfessor Are you hip to that beat? http://www.flickr.com/photos/targuman/2371216917/ #
  • it was great to meet all the TLT friends! sorry i missed the after party #

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