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Targuman’s Twitter Updates for 2008-03-29

The day is waning and time for bed. First, to read some comics and unwind. *sproing* # Larry Lesing is opening the Penn State Teaching and Learning Symposium # Sorry – Lessig # Follow @SCMProfessor – his tweets are more detalied.. # @SCMProfessor If we don’t twitter the terrorists win! # Lesig uses WAY too many Keynote slides: one per word for very sentence. # Lesig: mashups (he calls it remix) are the new writing […]

Poll: Old and New

The results of the last poll are in: Is Geza Vermes the “greatest Jesus scholar of his generation”? No. He is an excellent scholar, but there are so many other outstanding scholars in the field it would be too much to declare him “the greatest.” (100%, 25 Votes) Yes, how can there be any doubt? (0%, 0 Votes) Total Voters: 25 So, a lot of agreement that Prof. Vermes is an excellent scholar, but not […]

Where I’m At

Today I am at the 2008 Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium, Penn State. My twits will post tonight and you can get a sense of what went on. My brother presented a paper this morning and I am sure the podcast will go up later. About the Symposium Welcome to the 2008 Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium. This year’s theme, “The Collaborative Campus and the Culture of Teaching and Learning“, will highlight stories […]

Earning potential

So, what career would you like? I think that some of the salaries below are commensurate with the work load and responsibility. Presidential pay is again causing a ruckus with the hiring of Mark G. Yudof, the University of California%u2019s new president, who will earn $828,000 in a job that is among the most difficult in higher education. But how do college presidents stack up to other hotshots when it comes to compensation?The Chronicle conducted […]