Earning potential

So, what career would you like? I think that some of the salaries below are commensurate with the work load and responsibility.

Presidential pay is again causing a ruckus with the hiring of Mark G. Yudof, the University of California%u2019s new president, who will earn $828,000 in a job that is among the most difficult in higher education. But how do college presidents stack up to other hotshots when it comes to compensation?The Chronicle conducted a decidedly unscientific survey, the results of which appear below. The most recent available median compensation is listed after each job. %u2014Paul Fain

CEO of S&P 500 company $8.5-million
NBA player $4-million
College football coach (NCAA Division I) $1-million
Neurosurgeon $530,000
President of public research university $397,000
U.S. Senator $162,500
NASA astronaut (top pay grade) $130,000
Reporter $42,000

(Via CHE Blog.)

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