International Biblical Studies Writing Month (or so)

I was unaware of this challenge and perhaps I should take it up for December. It is a busy month for most of us in the Biblioblogging world, but what to you all think? (The reality is that I haven’t even gotten Tyler the links I promised for the Biblical Studies Carnival!) Still, I must get at least one of these articles done by the new year and perhaps the threat of a garish sweater is enough motivation.International Academic Writing Month: the Final Scorecard –

Thirty-four days ago, we marked the onset of International Academic Writing Month, in which a few dozen scholars publicly pledged to stop procrastinating and to crank out a dissertation chapter or journal article.Now the results are in.Leading the pack is Chaser, aMuppet fan who reports having written 20,338 words. (She seems to be slacking this week, however. She’s established a new monthly goal for December, but her meter indicates that she’s written only a single word.)And two participants had a little side bet going, in which the less-productive writer will be forced to wear an ugly Christmas sweater on his or her campus.It’s not quite as astonishing as the ones pictured here, however.(Photo by Flickr user barrio dude.)

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