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International Biblical Studies Writing Month (or so)

I was unaware of this challenge and perhaps I should take it up for December. It is a busy month for most of us in the Biblioblogging world, but what to you all think? (The reality is that I haven’t even gotten Tyler the links I promised for the Biblical Studies Carnival!) Still, I must get at least one of these articles done by the new year and perhaps the threat of a garish sweater […]

The Blessings of Life

I will offer no commentary other than the Reuters’ caption and to say, God bless the child and her parents. RNPS PICTURES OF THE YEAR – This handout image from October 24, 2006, shows the world’s most premature living baby, Amillia Sonja Taylor’s, feet held in contrast with adult hands, just after her birth at Baptist Children’s Hospital in Miami, Florida. Taylor, only slightly longer than a ballpoint pen at birth was due to be […]

Leopard Updates: Skype Beta

This one is for Joe! Skype joins the Leopard party Filed under: Odds and ends, Internet Tools, Beta Beat If you’re a Leopard-using Skype lover, you’ve been without the quintessential Voice over IP service since the Skype Mac blog announced there were a few issues with Skype on Leopard last month. However, Skype has released a new version of their Mac client which not only fixes these Leopard niggles, but also adds a shiny new […]

A Sufjan Christmas to you all!

I can’t remember whether it was Ed Cook who put me on Sufjan Stevens or where I first noticed his work, but among all his other many, many accomplishments SS has some great Christmas music. Reinterpretations of classics and new songs alike (including “The Worst Christmas Ever“). The complete set, including 5 (FIVE!) different CDs is available for purchase, so order it now! You won’t be disappointed. If you are I will give you a […]