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IOTS Paper – “Eschatological Lists” in TgMeg

Here is the abstract for my IOTS paper: The Use of “Eschatological Lists” within the Targumim to the Megillot. Several of the targumim to the Megillot contain lists (songs, famines, kings, etc.) that culminate in the future or messianic era. For example, TgSS opens with the list of Ten Songs and TgRuth opens with the list of Ten Famines. Such lists are well known from other midrashic texts and this paper will consider how and […]

Vth Congress of the International Organization for Targumic Studies

The schedule for the Vth Congress of the International Organization for Targumic Studies (IOTS) is now available! The conference will be in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 12-13 July 2007. If you are in the area please stop by! 🙂 I will probably post the abstracts later, at least mine, so please feel free to offer feedback. Thursday 12 July 8.45-13.00 Lecture Room Welcome and Greetings Keynote 9.00-10.30 Eveline van Staalduine-Sulman, Aramaic Branches Bursting into Leaves: Towards […]

Google Got Us

I still have a few misgivings about Google. Yet I am assured by people I trust very much that this is all a good thing and if I can get them to scan all our theses as part of the deal then, bonus! 12-UNIVERSITY CONSORTIUM JOINS GOOGLE DIGITIZATION PROJECT The national 12-university consortium called the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) announced a collective agreement today (June 6) to digitize select collections across all its libraries, […]

What’s in a name?

Christian Mark McNamara Brady That is my name. Well, to be honest, my given name is “Christian Mark Brady.” I added “McNamara” to honor my maternal grandfather and I have never been able to get it officially changed. That should happen this year. I have thought a lot about my name and titles lately, but let me give a little background. When I was in second grade my teacher, Ms. Nichols, an African-American woman who […]

New Review of “The Rabbinic Targum of Lamentations”

Dr. Bernard Grossfeld has recently written a fairly positive review of my book, The Rabbinic Targum of Lamentations: Vindicating God, Studies in the Aramaic Interpretation of Scripture, vol. 3, (Leiden: E. J. Brill, 2003). It has been published in the Journal of the American Oriental Society 125.3 (2005). The last four years of volumes are not yet available on JSTOR so I cannot link to the review. Grossfeld notes (as has one other reviewer) in […]

The Faith of a Wife

This is an amazing story of devotion and committment. (With a few humorous observations along the way). BBC NEWS | Europe | Pole wakes up from 19-year coma A Polish man has woken up from a 19-year coma to find the Communist party no longer in power and food no longer rationed, Polish TV reports. Railway worker Jan Grzebski, 65, fell into a coma after he was hit by a train in 1988. “Now I […]

Too funny.

As Larry the Cable Guy would say, “Lord, I apologize.” The New ‘Answers in Genesis’ New Testament– Children’s Edition Jesus rides into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday on the foal of a raptor. People attempt to feed the raptor by laying palm branches on the road as he looks hungry. (Via Ben Witherington.)