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Got it! We Spent All Day in Line Yesterday…

For passports (not the iPhone). My wife and kids were in need of passports (E’s had expired) and even though we had applied on April 1st they still were not completed. Lucky for us all their material was in Philly so we got up at 4:30 am, drove to Philly and hit the line by 8:45. At 11 am they told us that they had found their apps and processed them so that we should […]

Fogonazos: The flipping ship & Drive Thru Eucharist

This blog has some of the most amazing creations I have ever seen. Below are just two. Be prepared to lose HOURS perusing the site. Fogonazos: The flipping ship The FLIP research vessel (Floating Instrument Platform) is the only ship in the world having the ability to flip from a horizontal position to a vertical position while at sea. The Wierdest “Drive Thrus” At the Daytona Drive in Church, in Florida, Christians don’t even have […]

PSU Survey: Spirituality, Ethics, and Religious Services

It is always interesting how people summarize their data, very telling. My favorite line of the summary below, “they pray at least sometimes.” Yup, every time I stub my toe. Did you know… While 49.9% of students consider themselves to be “strongly” spiritual, 36.1% consider themselves to be “strongly” religious. When asked about the influence on their personal behaviors, 79.1% reported their ethical principles have a strong influence. Approximately 48% of students indicated they had […]

Wine, Wine, Wine

They might not like the Bible, but they can allude to it. The Chronicle: Daily News Blog: What’s in a Name? Iowa State Mulls a ‘Life-Skills Assistant,’ Not a Chaplain Iowa State University’s Athletics Council has approved a plan to hire a “volunteer life-skills assistant” to provide religious counseling to players on the football team, in a way that officials said differs from the work of a chaplain, the Iowa State Daily reported. An original […]

First iPhone Reviews

I promise I will not say much about the iPhone release, most of all because I am not going to be among the privileged few. 🙁 But WSJ and the NYTimes have already brought out their reviews. Some of the lauded Apple pundits dropping reviews today are Walt Mossberg and Katherine Boehret of the Wall Street Journal, who call the iPhone “a breakthrough handheld computer,” and New York Times columnist David Pogue, who says the […]

Sad farewells and slow going.

I was out of town this weekend and this week I am getting ready to hit the road for three weeks so blogging will be intermittent. I hope to post shortly, however, on Brevard Childs’ passing. His work was formative in my academic development, as it was for so many, and I feel it appropriate to reflect upon this personally and of course as a profession it is right that we recognize this giant who […]

(Nearly) One Year Anniversary

From I will be in Pittsburgh today and tomorrow on bidness so no blogging for a day or so. It has nearly been a full year since I started as Dean of the Schreyer Honors College and some reflection is in order. Personally, it is amazing to think of all that has happened in the last 10 months. It was just a year ago this week when my wife and I visited campus for […]

A wise man once said…

Warning! Many of the other quotes are rude and offensive. Overheard in New York | Most Popular Quotes Right Before I Bought Your Soul… Remember? Student: Now I don’t know if this is something I thought of or if Satan said it. Professor: Actually I said it last class. –Columbia lit class (Now I really need to get back to work…)