Mac SE with SuperDrive

This past weekend my brother-in-law pulled a black case out of the basement. There, neatly organized into its separate compartments, was the Mac SE (OS 7.0.1) that I had lent him when E and I had gotten married and headed to England. It had a USC (So. Carolina) sticker on the side that removed easily and cleanly and then *boing* it started up! First time. The start up screen of the Cornell bell tower was still there in all its 4 gray glory. Now I hope to finally retrieve my masters thesis from the floppy!

One interesting tidbit: the fan on the SE is LOUD. OK, it is not like having a turbo-prop in the room, but my MacPro is absolutely silent (two HDs, optical drive, two 23″ displays), silent. Lift your glass to progress!

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