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The NTCS Home Page has moved! I am the internet editor of the newsletter and since I am no longer at Tulane we are moving the site. Unfortunately when the domain expired someone snatched it up and is now demanding payment for it so… is the new domain name! Please update any references you may have on your sites (and I am going to edit the Wiki entry today).

This is also the home for the International Organization for Targumic Studies. Don’t forget that the call for papers for the triennial IOTS meeting is up and due next week:

The Fifth Congress of the International Organization for Targumic Studies (IOTS) is scheduled for Thursday and Friday, 12-13 July 2007, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It will be held in conjunction with the XIXth Congress of the International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament (IOSOT) in Ljubljana during 15-20th July 2007. As with past meetings, registration and accommodations will be arranged through the IOSOT, whose website is located at:

We are pleased to announce a call for short papers in the following categories:

1. Language, Dating and Inter-relationships among the targumim; translational theory and the targumim.
2. Exegesis; Relationships with other rabbinic and contemporary literature (halakhic, aggadic, patristic, historical etc.).
3. Theology, Eschatology and Sitz im Leben of the targums.
4. Text-criticism, manuscript history, and stemmatology.

Papers should be of twenty-minutes length, allowing ten additional minutes for discussion. The deadline for paper proposals is 15 January 2007, and 15 March 2007 for the submission of written abstracts. Please respond to:

Dr. Paul V.M. Flesher
Religious Studies Program
University of Wyoming
Laramie, WY 82071-3353

BTW the Aramaic text of TgOnk, with and without vowels, is available at Mechon Mamre.


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2 thoughts on “Newsletter for Targumic & Cognate Studies has moved

  • Patrick

    Hello. I am wondering where the Aramic Targumim texts of the Old Testament disappeared to..??? I loved your website because it is the only place I have found where there is 2 versions of Torah, Psalms, Ruth, Lamentations and Isaiah were located, translated into English! I cannot find these anymore on your site!!!??? Did you lock out the public now or are they moved else where!?? I love the bible and love this supperior version of scripture. I wish someone would hurry up and finish the entire Old Testament/ Tanakh English translation all from the Aramic Targumim!?? YHVH has revealed the Greek O.T. in 2 different versions and the Masoretic Text Hebrew. But there is no bible yet made and published and printed in English, ever done from the Aramaic Targumim.??? This is a severe travesty and needs to be accomplished asap. Please help me access the entire Targumim translated into English so I can have the most complete bible. Thank you very much! : )… Patrick Six One Four Seven Zero Seven Six Five Eight Six. Anyone who can help me, please text or call me in Columbus Ohio, where I am currently located.